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What was your OSINT highlight of 2020?

Networking & Collaboration. I got to know a lot of powerful people in the community, learned and collaborated with them on awesome projects.

The OSINT community is expanding! This opened the horizons for OSINT techniques and applications. Also, showed the world the true power of OSINT from fighting scams and disinformation to tracking cryptocurrencies, and social network investigation.

But we have also seen few attempts to penetrate the community using suspicious tools, stealing authored materials, or recruiting for dark ops.

Any favorite tool or technique that you tried in 2020?

Michael Bazzell and Sinwindie flowcharts are great resources to guide you through different platforms and find new pivot points.

How do you see the OSINT landscape changing in 2021?

I think there are two major trendings:

  1. Usage of dev techniques to access more raw data as we saw with TikTok, Gab, and Parler.

  2. Threat actors are stepping up their capabilities after they become more aware of OSINT as a double-edged sword. This will make it harder to investigate the new attacks but it’s always the little things that get them caught.

I believe the OSINT community proved its evolving capability to fight emerging threats and stay one step ahead.

Anything else you’d like to add about The State of OSINT?

Your Mind is the ultimate OSINT tool, invest in it and help others to do so.

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